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    Hi! My name is Marianne and I want to introduce you to what could be the start of a brand new life for you! It was for me! Let me tell you a little about my story. A couple of years ago I finally got the courage to leave an abusive relationship. I was devastated and became depressed, and on top of that left with a lot of divorce debt.
    I was working as a teacher with two side jobs after my divorce. I wanted more out of life! I wanted to pay off my divorce debt as soon as possible but nothing ever seemed to be enough. I felt like I was always going to be struggling. Then, one day my best friend told me about a network marketing company and I haven't looked back since. I paid off all my divorce debt in less than a year, earned over $31,000 in bonuses, bought my dream car, Invisalign, remodeled my bathroom, and traveled the world. All of this in less than two years! I began to see the beauty of network marketing BUT I wanted my team to succeed just like I was doing. I didn’t want it to be a situation to where I was only one succeeding. What I found and the timing of it is NOTHING short of God’s timing. My own personal health was struggling, as well as, a member of my family. I saw firsthand what not taking care of your health would do to you. I found Le-vel at a time when I needed to make BIG change: physically, mentally, and financially. God has blessed me with this company I am with now and I feel that it is my duty now to share it with everyone I can...

    I decided to write down 30 facts for y’all about my amazing new company Le-Vel that sets it apart…my team is only going to the top!

    1) You can sign up free as a customer or a promoter

    2) you can earn your product free as a customer and promoter

    3) No website fees

    4) No annual fees

    5) First company in history on track to win the BRAVO GROWTH award twice for fastest growing network marketing company in the world.

    6) 41 millionaires in under 5 years… I dare you to find any other company that had that many within 5 years… And that number will double over the next year.

    7) Billion dollars in sales in less then 5 years

    8) Debt free in less then 5 years

    9) In less then 1 year over 230 auto bonus earners on my team alone and growing monthly

    10) (I did this for myself & about to do for my bf in less than a month in totaling over $1,200 in just this bonus!) You can earn $800 in cash bonuses and $200 in free product in your first 14 days ON TOP OF your normal weekly residual income paychecks. These are called VIP BONUSES. They are paid out in full three very next week after you earn them… No WAITING!

    11) Over 3000 people in less than a year on just my big team have received the 14 Day VIP bonuses.

    12) Run your business FREE every month just by maintaining two customers. THAT IS IT YALL!

    13) No required autoships

    14) No customer committments

    15) $299 bonus you can earn at your 30 day mark

    16) No charting HALLELUJAH

    17) Not a BINARY comp plan it’s a unilevel hybrid… You can build as wide and as deep as you like

    18) 60 Day waiting room to place your promoters

    19) Cloud based company

    20) Volume based promotions No structure (no having to compensate for the nonworkers)

    21) All natural Products and our DFT is PATENTED which means no copy cats or competition… First to market

    22) Infinity fast start BONUSES

    23) Paid out 12 ways (The most I’ve ever been able to find in this industry)

    24) Weekly paychecks! Not just weekly bonuses …..I’m talking being paid every single week for what happened in your business the week before.

    25). 20-40% Check matches with no cut off! The better your personally enrolled do the better you do… Not a one time leadership bonus buy a bonus you earn over and over again every week that can continue to grow of your team grows.

    26). Top notch CEO’S that have the most integrity and passion for their products, the quality, and helping others.

    27) 3 life style get aways a year that you can earn paid for including airfare and you can bring any guest you like and theirs is paid for as well.

    28) Only company to be in Success from home magazine every year since it’s Inception. BOOM

    29) Constant promotions and bonuses you can earn on top of your normal pay.

    30) Just getting STARTED! Five years young in six countries.

    Now what…
    When you begin a new business, you are excited, nervous, and hopeful all at once! These emotions can be empowering if you let them be! You began this journey for a reason and you really want it to work for you, but you may not know where to start or even how to do this type of a business. That’s ok and I am here to help you!

    We need to focus in on WHY you are doing this. There are different levels of commitment and that is going to be based on your personal goals and the reason behind you joining this business. Sit down and write down why you are doing this business?

           Your WHY should move you to tears, it should come from your heart, and you should feel passionate about it.